2015 Fellows Announced!

We are honored and excited to announce the 2015 Distillery Artist Residency Fellows! Kesha McKey and Scott Heron will be joining Distillery and the CAC this summer in the development of their new work. Please visit the Fellows page to learn more about them!

Scotty Scott Heron Appalachian Spring Break. 

Appalachian Spring Break is a collaborative duet by Scotty Heron and Brendan Connelly.  It is a clarinet rock concert and a dance recital. Sonic, scenic and light elements are created and manipulated by the performers on stage. Virtuosic in one moment, naïve and inept in the next, our roles include: punk clarinetist, Modern dancer, orchestra dweeb, tacky mime, Elizabethean fanfarist, Civil War re-enacter, free jazz pianist, stagehand and the ghosts of Aaron Copland and Martha Graham.


Kesha McKey Kesha McKey Distorted Images.

I will be creating a multi-disciplinary work that explores the story of Sara “Saartjie” Baartman (Hottentot Venus) with focus on exhibition of the African American female body image and the establishment of European ideas of black female sexuality. As a result of the scientific and philosophical assumptions, black women became a representation of savage sexuality, degradation, and racial inferiority with the objectification of the black female body still resonating throughout present pop and hip hop culture. Using historical photos, text, and explorative movement processes, I want to create strong choreographic images that will investigate as well as challenge, and work in contrast to these stereotypical body images.


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